ACT00417 Valve Actuator

  • SKU: ACT00417
  • Brand: Trane
  • Type: Actuator


Trane OEM Rotary Actuator

Replaces / Supersedes: X13611056010 ACT0417 ACT417 ACT-0417 SRD02-0424-C6 ACT0366 ACT366 ACT-0366 ACT00366 402012251 BAS and others

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OEM Trane Actuator

Unit Specific Component , NOT Universal


  • Trane Component
  • 24V , 50/60 Hz
  • NON-Spring Return

PROP 65 Warning LabelWARNING: CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s) – Click Here for More Information

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Commonly found in the following units: FC*B020**AA FC*B020**AB FC*B020**AC FC*B020**AD FC*B020**G0 FC*B020**H0 FC*B020**J0 FC*B020**K0 FC*B020**L0 FC*B020**M0 FC*B020**N0 FC*B020**P0 FC*B020**R0 FC*B020**T0 FC*B020**U0 FC*B020**V0 FC*B020**W0 FC*B020**Y0 FC*B020**Z0 FC*B030**AA FC*B030**AB FC*B030**AC FC*B030**AD FC*B030**G0 FC*B030**H0 FC*B030**J0 FC*B030**K0 FC*B030**L0 FC*B030**M0 FC*B030**N0 FC*B030**P0 FC*B030**R0 FC*B030**T0 FC*B030**U0 FC*B030**V0 FC*B030**W0 FC*B030**Y0 FC*B030**Z0 FC*B040**AA FC*B040**AB FC*B040**AC FC*B040**AD FC*B040**G0 FC*B040**H0 FC*B040**J0 FC*B040**K0 FC*B040**L0 FC*B040**M0 FC*B040**N0 FC*B040**P0 FC*B040**R0 FC*B040**T0 FC*B040**U0 FC*B040**V0 FC*B040**W0 FC*B040**Y0 FC*B040**Z0 FC*B060**AA FC*B060**AB FC*B060**AC FC*B060**AD FC*B060**G0 FC*B060**H0 FC*B060**J0 FC*B060**K0 FC*B060**L0 FC*B060**M0 FC*B060**N0 FC*B060**P0 FC*B060**R0 FC*B060**T0 FC*B060**U0 FC*B060**V0 FC*B060**W0 FC*B060**Y0 FC*B060**Z0 FC*B080**AA FC*B080**AB FC*B080**AC FC*B080**AD FC*B080**G0 FC*B080**H0 FC*B080**J0 FC*B080**K0 FC*B080**L0 FC*B080**M0 FC*B080**N0 FC*B080**P0 FC*B080**R0 FC*B080**T0 FC*B080**U0 FC*B080**V0 FC*B080**W0 FC*B080**Y0 FC*B080**Z0 FC*B100**AA FC*B100**AB FC*B100**AC FC*B100**AD FC*B100**G0 and similar